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Gringo300 Gringo300 9 September 2017

more wikis on the way

There will be more band wikis in the future.

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Natonstan Natonstan 3 February 2014


Hello, Wiki creator and Admin here, I wanted to make a blog post detailing what my visions are for this wiki and how YOU can help. As you can see i've been putting a lot of work into this wiki over the past few days, creating pages, infobox templates and even designing pages so that they contain tabs to sub pages. Overall I'd like to continue to do this for all of the remaining band members, albums and then go on to making pages for every Leppard song including unreleased rare songs. My main vision for this wiki is to have a place where anybody can find anything on the band whether it be information about the band members, images, videos or information about a particular song.

Now I'm the only member so far but I see this wiki growing and f…

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